Sio Bahati

I say, luck is when an opportunity comes along and you're prepared for it!

Why are we here?

So you wanna be an Actor...? Who doesn't? Acting is an exciting career path to take, but it can be a hard and challenging road ahead. Acting isn't all about feeling the character and being in the moment. If you can't get a job, it's not about much at all. Not to mention lonely, with a lot of rejection to be dealt with. A lot of people underestimate the types of obstacles every actor encounters and therefore think that acting is...well, a walk in the park. I'm here to set the record straight and give you an insight into what it really takes to be an Actor. An astonishing 92% of the Acting profession are out of work at any one time. What the figure doesn't reveal is that the same 8% tend to work continuously while the same 92% never get a look-in. The trick therefore is to be in the top 8%. This can be difficult as an upcoming Actor, (especially in a slowly emerging Industry like our very own here in Kenya) because you may not have the right tools to set you above from the rest...yet!
That is why we're here!