Help & FAQs

RafikiHub is used by casting directors across Africa to send out breakdowns for roles they are casting. Each of these breakdowns is sent directly to our registered agents and talent when necessary. When an agent receives them, they're able to submit their clients for the roles. The casting director will then search through the submissions they've received via RafikiHub and invite their shortlisted performers to audition.

Casting directors use RafikiHub because it is the quickest and easiest way for them to get their latest casting or audition information straight to the agent and talent. All of your clients will have a unique online Rafikihub profile including their headshots, credits, showreels and/or voice clips and details of their skills. When casting directors are looking for performers all of these features are searchable.

There are many different ways to get into the performing arts. The most important thing at the start of your career is to train and gain experience. A lot of actors start off in small low-budget stage or film productions to build up their experience and from there they start moving on to bigger jobs, so they can gain more credits. Attending acting workshops and brushing up on your acting technique are the building blocks for a successful career, as well as allowing you to mix with other like-minded people and gain those all important connections that will help you as you progress.

It’s important to choose a photographer who caters to your needs as a performer. For example, don’t choose a photographer that specialises in musicians when you are an actor or dancer. For more advice on your first headshot session, see our News & Advice section which will be updated soon. Your photograph is the first thing casting directors will see when you apply for jobs, so you want them to be good quality and appealing. Choose a professional who has plenty of experience and ask to see examples of previous work before you agree to anything. This way you will know what your headshot is supposed to look like; location, lighting and styling are all important factors and professionals will know what works and what doesn’t. Talk to your colleagues and peers who have already had their headshots done, if you see some you like then ask them where/who they had them done with - they will be flattered, and happy to help. Lastly, make sure you ask for a price and package breakdown before you agree to anything.

-It must be ‘natural’ and an accurate representation of how you look. -Keep your appearance as neutral as possible. Remember, a casting professional wants to see the 'real' you. -It should be a recent head and shoulders shot. Remember, you will mostly be viewed by casting professionals in a grid format so make sure your photo is impactful and the best it can be. -Blurry, pixelated or amateur photography will make you look unprofessional, deterring casting directors. -Wear something simple and avoid props, hats, distracting backgrounds and accessories. -Your eyes are your most important feature, so make sure they are as visible as possible.

As a Spotlight registered agent/agency we expect that you will always: -Maintain your clients’ profiles appropriately as professional performers. We have advice about how to create the perfect Rafikihub profile and headshots best practice to help guide you. -Suggest clients selectively and appropriately for roles posted on the Rafikihub Link. -Work within and in line with current legislative requirements and in consideration of industry expectations and also in line with Rafikihub's policies. -Be courteous and respectful to all those using our platform including performers, agents, casting professionals and the RafikiHub team.

Unless otherwise specified, the casting director wants you to submit yourself for roles via the RafikiHub Link since this is the easiest way for them to organise performer profiles and shortlists. They don’t want to receive hard copy CVs/photos, or to be telephoned or emailed directly. All the information they need is on your RafikiHub profile and in any message you may have included.

This is quite normal. Many casting professionals choose not to include their details in casting breakdowns since they don't want to be inundated by responses, or it can be that certain details of the project are not yet ready for public release. If you think you’re suitable for the role, submit your profile as normal and then you will be sent more information if you are chosen for the audition.

More and more, casting directors are trying to let you know even if you were unsuccessful but this varies according to their workload, the volume of submissions and available production resources. They will of course get back to you if they want to invite you to audition. So, if you don't hear back about a job, then it means you weren't successful on that occasion.

Casting information sent out via RafikiHub is strictly private and confidential and you should never send it to anyone else. Sharing this information publicly outside the RafikiHub platform is a breach of the production company/poster’s copyright and contravenes RafikiHub Terms. Casting professionals want to hire RafikiHub members because they know this is a guarantee of quality and professionalism. You will be asked to agree to this as part of our Terms and Conditions, the first time you use our service. Any performer who is found to be circulating RafikiHub casting information to others will immediately be terminated from our membership.

You can get in touch with us via or on +254114011932.