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Tuesday, 26 Mar, 2024




Lucy Maina is no stranger to the screen, having featured on various well known productions the likes of  Ntv ‘Aunty Boss’ 2019 and Showmax series ‘Second Family ', ' Crime and Justice' and ‘Murder Camp’ 2021. Over the years, her rising star has been soaring to great heights. The commitment and discipline she has put in her craft has only prepared her to land her first leading role, ‘Becky’ on Becky the most viewed and current trending T.V show on national cable Citizen T.v.


As a lead actor on a show watched by tens of millions of viewers every week, there has to be a certain degree of pressure put on the artist. Not being able to succumb to the weight of  fame and publicity that comes with such a role, is a testament of the level of control one must master, in order to maintain the sanity that is required to portray a character with great authenticity.


“The saying it’s lonely at the top is true. Fame encourages isolation and impairs the ability to integrate. It leaves you feeling constantly watched. As humans, we are naturally social beings and fame takes that away. I honestly wasn’t ready because I don’t care for fame,” says Miss Lucy.


Celebrity status is one that clouds the true intention of why an artist embarks on the journey of following passion and staying true to the cause. Admittedly, as an actor, you realize that the art you create must be consumed and the character you play creates the illusion of a false image the public accords to you. Hence, the famous debate, differentiating the artist from the art always comes to the forefront whenever an actor does not live up to societal expectations.


However, what if an actor channels their public image for the greater good by using their voice to speak up about social ills. Miss Lucy explains, “Ending femicide is a cause I would go to the streets to support. I have heard numerous stories of how our young girls end up in the wrong hands. Like I spoke to a woman who recently lost her daughter this way. This story enraged me as to how easy it is for people to take advantage of young girls.”  


Before everything in a production comes into play, the one critical piece of the puzzle is undoubtedly the script. The story is the core of an actor's performance. How well do they relate to the character they are supposed to portray? Why is the story so important? What levels of growth will the performance bring to my craft?


These and a few more questions ring true to an actor before they take up any project and this is no different from Miss Lucy as she states, “The story and the character attracted me to the script. I like a challenge. Getting a character that requires you to research and do a lot of prep keeps you on your toes. Comfort for me is a killer of creativity. I like roles that I know I’ll have fun playing.”

Acting is what one would consider a 3 dimensional craft. There is how you perceive the character you play. There is how the director perceives it and finally there is how the character as an entity perceives it. The delicate approach a lead actor must embody in order to carry the show is one that requires patience and trust in appreciating the process and the various people required to make the process work.  Also giving credit to the character, you play and having the agility to understand and create their world is what makes great performances stand out.


Miss Lucy beautifully quotes, “Working with a good director helps a lot to find exactly what I need to be. Some of the decisions she makes I judge a lot but I give her grace. Becky for instance her greatest weakness is her son Jeff. Single mothers are severely under appreciated. Most of the decisions they make revolve around the kids more than them.”


Talent management platforms such as RafikiHub founded by Kate Snow is definitely becoming a game changer to the film and T.v landscape. With the rich hub of acting resources it equips its members such as great acting mentorship, preparation of headshot, acting reels and creating networking events with fellow top acting professionals.


All this are some of the great rewards Miss Lucy Maina one of the talents as well as being represented by RafikiHub Talent management testifies to, as she says, RafikiHub has held multiple workshops and organized headshot sessions among other things. My latest headshots are from Rafikihub and I had such a fun time with Kate. She’s such a great director and mentor.”


The film industry is still far from embracing talent management platforms, which is a pity. With the lack of representation and proper guidance given to actors, it is only a recipe for disaster for the future generation of actors coming to the scene. Miss Lucy shares her sentiments on this, “I don’t feel the industry has embraced talent agents but it will get there. I highly believe that there is an absolute need for them, since talents do not know everything and with proper representation, it can help them not to be taken advantage. Talent agents give a lot of valuable advice and representation. At least that’s what I get from mine”.


As filmmakers the one thing we hold true is our ability to tell stories. This great magical gift is something we hold true. Telling stories that speak to the greater audience and have them glued to the screen weekly is something not to be taken lightly. Becky is one of these stories and the braver we become to tell them the more promising the industry becomes. “Stories like Becky have been around for a while, I am always glad when I find fans telling me how they relate to Becky. They say they feel represented and understood.” Miss Lucy quotes.


Written by Kawira Gitonga